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Sunday, June 27, 2010

USA vs. US Virgin Islands - Post Game Interviews


Duke Commit Josh Hairston:

You've said many times in past interviews that Coach K wanted you to work on your perimeter and ball-handling skills during your Senior Year so you will be able to play multiple positions when you get to Duke. With the return of Kyle Singler, do you anticipate playing more of a Small Forward role or more in the paint next year?

"I see myself playing the role Kyle plays now. One thing Coach [Krzyzewski] has told me is that I'm going to be one of those guys who backs Kyle up, so when I get down there I want to get to know him, get to know the game with him, because Kyle is a contender for National Player of the Year next year and I just want to be able to do everything Kyle can do. He is a guy who can post guys up or take guys out on the perimeter and I want to be able to do the same thing."

He's obviously a great leader, but those around him know that Coach K has a great sense of humor. Was it easy to relate to him during the recruitment process because of this?

"Oh yeah, whenever I go down there or talk to him on the phone, he's a completely different guy than what people see on TV. People see him and they think he's mean because he's got this look on his face, but he just wants the best for his players. When I'm around him off the court he's a normal guy, he's funny, he jokes around with us and he's a great guy to be around."

What former Duke player do you think your game resembles the most?

"I've heard a lot of comparisons to Shane Battier and I can see that a lot, but there are so many great Duke players from the past and for me to even put my name up there with them is crazy for me to even think about. So I'm just trying to make a name for myself and play the best Josh Hairston can play."

The Cameron Crazies are notorious for coming up with nicknames for Duke players. Do you have a nickname now or is there something you want to be known as?

"I just got one from Kyrie [Irving]. He calls me 'Jiggy' when we are on the floor. If you pay attention tomorrow you will hear him call me 'Jiggy'. I think that may be the name, but as of right now that is the only one I have."

Playing with guys like Kyrie and Austin, are you excited about the chemistry and the possibility of playing with them at the next level?

"This is actually the most time I've spent with Kyrie and we have become like brothers. We talk all the time and we're always with each other and I can see the chemistry there. Even though he hasn't committed I'm still with Austin all day and I think Austin knows what's best for him. We would definitely love to have him at Duke"

The million dollar question for all the undergrad coeds at Duke, do you have a girlfriend?

Laughing - "No I do not"

How was the feel of tonights game? It looked like the refs were calling the game pretty tight, but what did you think?

"One thing playing with teams like the U.S., you have to be able to go outside yourself and not have to play the position you normally play. All of us on our high school teams were big time scorers, and that is one thing I kind of had to adjust to. I’m used to coming down the floor and touching the ball at least every play, but I don’t have to do that here. I’m just expected to play defense, rebound, you touch the ball score it. There are times when the game can get a little hectic and you can get down on yourself, and one thing you need to do is keep your head up with a team like this. You’re playing with a USA jersey on. That’s big time! I was sitting on the bench and thinking about it, and I looked down and saw everybody, and thought this is a big time thing. And looking at the score board, we just beat a team by 68 points…we are pretty good. You just gotta go outside yourself and know it’s bigger than the last name on the back of the jersey. It’s for all the people and this great country; that’s what we are out there playing for."

Duke Recruit Quincy Miller:

"Hola senor, chicas and chicos. I'm Quincy Miller."

How did you manage to pull down so many rebounds while you were playing on the perimeter tonight?

"I just went in harder than everyone else and made plays."

You grew so fast after your Freshman year, and have the height to play PF but the skills to play shooting guard, what position do you see yourself playing in college and the pros?

"I just play mis-matches, like if I got somebody small on me I'm gonna go to the post and if I got someone big on me I'm gonna go outside."

What kind of system do you see yourself playing in - a more uptempo style or a more halfcourt setting?

"Uptempo, but I play a little halfcourt too."

After being around guys like Kyrie, Josh, and Austin, have you been able to develop chemistry with them?

"Oh yeah, those three guys are some of the greatest guys I've ever been around. Off the court and on the court."

Is Kyrie good at getting you the ball in the right spots on the floor?

"Kyrie is definitely one of the best point guards I've ever played with. He and John Wall are the two best I've ever played with."

Could you see yourself playing with them in the future?

"Most definitely"

Duke Recruit Austin Rivers:

What are some things that have made Duke one of your top choices?

"Their success in winning and getting their players to the league and of course the coach, Coach K. I think it's only right to look at a school like that."

Who is the most influential person in your life regarding your decision of where to play college basketball?

"My older brother. I see him going through a tough college experience after picking the wrong school in Georgetown, nothing on Georgetown, it just wasn't the right fit for him. Now, he is having a tough time Indiana, so he has had a really tough time in college so I listen to him the most, because you only really get one chance to do it right."

Does your dad's decision to coach the Celtics next year play a role in your college decision?

"No, he has his own career so I let him do whatever he needs to do. Whatever he does has more to do with my little brother than me, because I'm almost out of high school anyway."

What are you looking for in a school?

"A school that plays fast-paced and a place that will let me flow a little bit; where I can get a rebound and push or catch it on the wing and drive. A school that gets up and down a lot and likes to shoot. I also really like guarding man to man press defense and playing defense full court."

What position do you see yourself playing in college?

"I see myself playing the 1 or 2. I've been playing mostly point in high school and tonight I played mostly 2, but I think I will get more time at the point tomorrow and the next few days. I want to be a combo guard, but I'm always a scorer."

Do you see yourself staying in college more than one year?

"No, that's not a goal of mine, but it's whatever is best for me. I'm not a guy that says 'I'll only be there a year' I could be there three if that's what's best. My goal is one and done and I think I can do that with my work ethic."

Do you have a leader right now?

"Not really, if I had to pick Duke would be the leader right now, there is nothing wrong with that school. Carolina is coming up and I just started getting a relationship with Coach Roy Williams, but it's kinda tough because whatever school I pick the other one is going to hate me."

Growing up around the NBA, who do you pattern your game after?

"I try to pattern my game after a little of Deron [Williams] and Dwyane [Wade]. Those are my two favorite players and I record all their games. I go on youtube all the time and watch D-Wade and try to copy him. I really like the way Deron is so smooth, so I try to be a combination of the two."

Interviews Conducted and Written Up By: Big Pappa


  1. Austin, the table is set at Duke. come on down.

  2. Austin, No ones going to "hate you". Whatever school you decide, don't think about that and choose whats best for you. Best of luck.

  3. Austin,

    Duck fOOk..

    Pick the lighter shade of blue when it's choosing time.

  4. Austin, you want NIT, go to UNC. You want a title? Go to Duke.

  5. One and done? No thanks, I don't want anyone with one foot out the door at Duke.

  6. Jay,

    If you don't want him at Duke we'll gladly take him at Carolina! :)